The urgency to write

I entrust my thoughts to paper, it doesn’t matter that it is a digital sheet, but until a few decades ago who could have imagined such an evolution of technology? Everything evolves and goes on, life itself is transformation, it is change. It is no coincidence that it is said that they win, that not the best or the strongest survive, but those who adapt best to change. We change skin, our cells change, if I remember correctly every seven years; they change us, it’s not true that people don’t change, of course we must have a strong will to change ourselves. It always starts with us, we can’t do anything else. I thought I had come to a dead end, I had the feeling of having fallen into a black hole. Now I no longer see a tunnel, I see the light. I see a renewed myself, finally full of energy. I throw myself headlong into situations that I would never have even considered before and all this is beautiful, it fills me with joy, it makes me think that my life makes sense. I spent years always feeling out of place, inadequate and it was not a good feeling. I always started from myself, it was on me that I worked. I constantly do an analysis on myself. I observe the world with curiosity, I love life, I realize more and more how precious time is, such a limited resource. Life is full of possibilities. I dream of a world where all kinds of hostilities cease. I wish all children would smile. Smiling does not mean not taking into account the presence of suffering, you suffer, but it is part of the journey and it could not be otherwise.

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